Friday, December 28, 2007


The Last Waterfall of 2007

We were asked to create a simple wall waterfall with white egg rock .thank God we were allowed to be creative. What can we do for you in 2008

Monday, December 10, 2007

happy birthday XACHA -ROSE

My Grand-daugherCelebrated her 3rd birthday on the 8th of Dec. and her great grand mother my mother Roseanna McKnight celebrated her 87TH this 10th Day of Dec. 2007!!!!!!!!! Praise be to god.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

bound to waters red

art basel has desended on Miami. We (KUUMBA) opened the annual Kwanza show at the African Heritage Cultural Center,I showed History-a digital image print.The bake house has its annual breakfast on saturday moorn, I will set the heads sculpture up outside.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Midnight's Music 2005
Midnight's Order 2005
Pandora Risimg 2007
The Holy Ghost Chair 2007

Celebration 2006
Bluefish fried on a steamy Friday night at Virgina Key Beach 2007
Muddy Waters
Enchanted 2006

Chaser 2007
Ancestral Shrine 2004
Dreamcoat 2005

Artist Statement

As I go about the business of making art no matter whether it’s commercial or fine art I am looking for something that grabs a hold of me and the viewer and makes you want to come back and take another look. Making art is easy if you follow the road map of the masters and the fads you can usually come up with some thing eye catching. The question then becomes who’s doing the talking. The adventure is in listening to that inner voice that you have developed will looking at other peoples art, and begin to carve your own path. I work both 3 dimensionally and 2 dimensionally as a means of exploring my inner voice and experiences, the three dimensional work I find most satisfying because of the involvement of all my senses and faculties. But in order to get to the 3D work I must plan in 2D. That becomes the place where I search the catalogs and clippings that comprise my inner voice. A painting or 2D work may prove to be the only solution to the vision that I seek. And to say that one feeds of the other is false the real fuel if you will, is the ingestions of print and visual media that I am bombarded with on a daily basis. So I become willing volunteer filtering this mass of info junk and treasure for my own use: the output of my own unique expression.

Photo Courtsey Peter Dooling ,Taken at 2007 Calabash Festival at The African American Cultureal Center, after a morning of mural painting at The Bakehouse. I was listening to the Dolphins post loss #6 so I decided to surf the net and found my name and photo on his blogg. This is going to be the last Image of ME IN THIS bLOG . By the way theMuddy Waters mural s being Fabricated as we speak. I am helping Hands On Miami do a mural at Bunche Park Elementary Looking for voulenteers.