Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Congeregration @ the Bakehouse Art Complex

Knock Out By Donald Mcknight @ Lyric Theatre during Art Basel

The Sun , The Moon And Our Expectations

We finally completed installation of The Sun,The Moon and Our Expectations . If I had some input in designing the frame I would have opted for something similar to the type in middle photo. Incidentally its on the building next door. I t is what it is now ! Learn from it and insist on more input in the future.

Friday, October 17, 2008


DENISE MARLOW Working oh the peace pole Myself , Donald Mcknight and Winsome Bolt Denise"s Sister Will team up to complete this project for the Botanical Park on Miami Beach.

Monday I will get back to finalizing the hatian center and gtry to get "Our Expectations " Installed.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oscar Thomas 08

Another miami snafu

Chosen as a recipient of two commissions for the Haitian Cultural Center in Miami's Little Ha ti ,I was elated and anxious to get started. I received the letter informing me of my good fortune in late January, it stated that we would be called in two weeks to discuss the particulars of the project. Six weeks later I got a call to meet at the site to discuss the particulars . At he meeting we were given a sheet of paper titled Scope Of Work it addressed topic such hard hats on the job site ,insurance,the need for the artist to supply all materials , tools and equipment necessary to complete the art piece.The Deadline was in Bold letters as to emphasise its importance APRIL 30,2008. Please be aware that this meeting was taking place on MARCH 11,2008! The City of Miami 's Representative arrived and rehashed the Scope of work.
He asked if the artist felt they could meet the deadline . The majority of us stated that we could if we started right away. Do you guys need money to get started was asked and there was aloud yes echoing around the room. The discussion on how to get us that money was eye opening and down right disappointing . it was as if nobody discussed how to pay the artist in order to meet the deadline . Actually it was evident that the person in charge had not given any thought to the manage this project An invoice submitted to the City takes 90 days to be processed.It was decided that the City would give the money to the GC and we the artist would Invoice the GC.With that settled we were asked to submit final designs for approval then we toured the site to look at were our art would go. and here I SIT WRITING IN MY BLOG!!!!!!!1

Friday, February 22, 2008

Muddy Waters

Down Home Blues This image was conceived after doing a series on jazz musicians. While doing research I came across a video file of Muddy Waters on the Ed Sullivan show. I took clips from the the file and worked then into one sketch in Photoshop. The Musician Image was then turned into a small watercolor an was scanned again and reworked in Photoshop again. The finished image was placed over the orange background,which represents the Sunshine state, the blue waves represents the seas that surround us.The Blue fish fried on Virgina Key beach on a steamy Friday night.The two black Moons represent the Black Blues,Jazz and Minstrel performers that laid part of the foundations for the rich American musical history. The the half moon clock set at about around midnight is for all who have found inspiration and pride in the old blues men and women:Muddy Waters,Robert Johnson,Son House and Ma Rainey. I plan to layout the design in panels approx. 2'x 2' allowing me to work off site. The media would be adhered to a specially woven tile panel. These would then be then be taken to the Job site to be embedded or attached to the wall using tile setters cement. I plan to use experienced tile setters to do the installation , Artist will work with an experienced Mosaic artist consultant to translate the design into a moi ac expression My roles will be as ARTIST , PROJECT MANAGER, ART DIRECTOR AND LABORER. This is the Original text submitted to Pinnacle Housing in May of 07

Blue Fish fried on a hot steamy Friday night at Virgina Key Beach

Lucius King Photographed the mural about two weeks ago as were setting up the the Virgina Beach Show

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Sun ,The Moon and Our Expectations

This piece was selected for the Hatian Cultural Center along with The Obeahman's Tears posted some time ago.

Monday, January 28, 2008

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So, Depression take a hike for me its on to the future!!!!!
Thank you Louis and Mitchel at Pinnicle Development
Ray the Mosicaist Great job in realizing my design
Special thanks to Commisioner Spence-Jones
And to Doris thanks for beleiving in me.
On to the Future

Blue Fish fried on a hot steamy Friday night at Virgina Key Beach

Muddy Waters completed

After spending some time this morning gathering some strength ,a little depression had set in .I had to take inventory of all the blessings that has fallen into my lap. The Muddy Waters project was being compleated today and two proects for the Hatian Cultural Center was begining in two weeks.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pablo Cano

PabloCano in Wynwood Opened last night to invited guest and resident artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex it was simply magical .Regardless of the issues and concerns we artist have about this place were we gather to practice our Art,we all ,at least myself must admit that there are some good things begining to happen at this place the Bakehouse. It's a work in progress That needs time and support to the people charged with implementing change . This does't mean excepting every thing thats introduced but working with the staff to improve the experience our visitors enjoy. and.voicing our opinions .

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Heaven's Door

I took this image yesterday after returning from Deering Estates I went to the hardware store for some thing. This Church is behind the Bacardi Bldg one three favorite churches off of Biscayne Blvd. Ive photographed it several times over the past 5 years. the doors caught my attention this time.This morning I cropped this image ,posterized it Tweaked it and the poster edged it I usually want to my shots past photo but stop here.I did double it up for something i could possibly use my slavery theme.

The Obeahman's Tears

This is on of my first Digital Images created on Easy Painter Circa 1995 Pablo Cano was still in High school correct me if iam wrong Maybe college. I mention him because he's showing at the
Bakehouse Jan.12,08 The young man has made quite a name for himself.His mother Margaritta Cano was a true freind to us Artist at the MiamiBlackArtsWorkshop in the 70's and 80's


I wanted to create an Icon to symbolize the stature of historical stature of the slaves that defeated Napoleon