Friday, February 22, 2008

Muddy Waters

Down Home Blues This image was conceived after doing a series on jazz musicians. While doing research I came across a video file of Muddy Waters on the Ed Sullivan show. I took clips from the the file and worked then into one sketch in Photoshop. The Musician Image was then turned into a small watercolor an was scanned again and reworked in Photoshop again. The finished image was placed over the orange background,which represents the Sunshine state, the blue waves represents the seas that surround us.The Blue fish fried on Virgina Key beach on a steamy Friday night.The two black Moons represent the Black Blues,Jazz and Minstrel performers that laid part of the foundations for the rich American musical history. The the half moon clock set at about around midnight is for all who have found inspiration and pride in the old blues men and women:Muddy Waters,Robert Johnson,Son House and Ma Rainey. I plan to layout the design in panels approx. 2'x 2' allowing me to work off site. The media would be adhered to a specially woven tile panel. These would then be then be taken to the Job site to be embedded or attached to the wall using tile setters cement. I plan to use experienced tile setters to do the installation , Artist will work with an experienced Mosaic artist consultant to translate the design into a moi ac expression My roles will be as ARTIST , PROJECT MANAGER, ART DIRECTOR AND LABORER. This is the Original text submitted to Pinnacle Housing in May of 07

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