Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another miami snafu

Chosen as a recipient of two commissions for the Haitian Cultural Center in Miami's Little Ha ti ,I was elated and anxious to get started. I received the letter informing me of my good fortune in late January, it stated that we would be called in two weeks to discuss the particulars of the project. Six weeks later I got a call to meet at the site to discuss the particulars . At he meeting we were given a sheet of paper titled Scope Of Work it addressed topic such hard hats on the job site ,insurance,the need for the artist to supply all materials , tools and equipment necessary to complete the art piece.The Deadline was in Bold letters as to emphasise its importance APRIL 30,2008. Please be aware that this meeting was taking place on MARCH 11,2008! The City of Miami 's Representative arrived and rehashed the Scope of work.
He asked if the artist felt they could meet the deadline . The majority of us stated that we could if we started right away. Do you guys need money to get started was asked and there was aloud yes echoing around the room. The discussion on how to get us that money was eye opening and down right disappointing . it was as if nobody discussed how to pay the artist in order to meet the deadline . Actually it was evident that the person in charge had not given any thought to the manage this project An invoice submitted to the City takes 90 days to be processed.It was decided that the City would give the money to the GC and we the artist would Invoice the GC.With that settled we were asked to submit final designs for approval then we toured the site to look at were our art would go. and here I SIT WRITING IN MY BLOG!!!!!!!1

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