Thursday, November 5, 2009

Greenlight Artspace

Today I dusted off my older pieces and shined up the new stuff. I am getting ready set up the show Nov.14, 2009 at Green Light Artspace 4512 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, Fl; I took a sneak preview of Black& White, the show at the Bakehouse Art Complex. My piece “A Little Piece of Heaven” holds its own and represents me well in my absence. Both shows will open at the same time; I will of course be at Green Light Artspace working with Adam to make this show a success .For those of you that don’t already know my work I can assure you that my work will touch you and leave wanting to see more. So come, see, enjoy and support an artist who believes in originality and unique expression...
Also showing with me is Donald McKnight with his thought provoking surreal dreamscapes. His paintings will provoke conversation, emotion and question. Looking at both of our work you will begin to see a thread that ties us together, aside from the fact that we are brothers, we attempt to uncover layers of philosophical thought and take a strong look at the raw distinction between Art and decoration. Looking good is important but at the same time we want to speak to you the viewer.
We are the artist known as MIAMI.

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