Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purvis Young

When I returned to Miami and applied to attend the masters program at the U.of Miami
I recalled Interviewing with one of the professors;in the interview I made mention of my attempt to pursue primitivism in my work and was told to reference the works of Mr. Purvis Young, little did that person know that I was very familiar with his work and knew him personally. Fast Forward to 2010 Oscar Thomas #10 concerning the removal of Purvis Young's Works from that Show . We African American Artist regret the removal of his Work and hope that it contributes to his well being as we all are and were proud to be in the presence of his greatness.To those who venture in to the diamond mind in search of the hope diamond , those industrial gems that you overlook account for the richness that is humankind art.take your prize and do with it what you may , but protect that gem ,We industrial gems will carry on our simple calling. God Bless Purvis Young!

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