Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When man fails He won't

Donald McKnight sent this drawing about two weeks ago after turning Himself in for a outstanding Arrest warrant from the state of Georgia. It seem that in 1989 he was arrested and convicted of burglary,he basically trashed the trailer of his employer who had left town without paying him (stinking thinking NA speak).The Courts found him guilty and sentenced him to Five Years. Two years into his stay Georgia decided that due to lack of space they would place Donald on parole . He asked that his case be turned over to the state of Florida,with their blessings he came home reported to the Florida parole office.Somewhere over the past 20 years some one dropped the ball and On June 1,2011 the courts will determine Don's fate.

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Osopardo said...

man! hard to visualize always-mellow, soft-spoken Don trashing a trailer! then again, I knew him for a relatively short (though intensive) time a long time ago.
I too know about "stinking thinking" and NA-speak but you're absolutely right; He'll never fail. He'll never fail to answer those who call on Him. My prayers for a positive outcome for Don tomorrow.