Thursday, December 25, 2014

Crates for Spirits Afoot

Crates for Spirits Afoot pieces sold to Najee Dorsey

They were to be be placed in a small storage space and later shipped to Georgia. Last year I shipped two large pieces to him for a show in Bentonville,Ark., both were professionally crated.I was told that if I shipped them he would return them back to me after the show ;which turned out to be a two day show.Several months went by;I called to find out what was going on. I got a lot of talk , none related to shipping my pieces back. An opportunity came up for a show with Syracuse the Community Folk Art Center. Syracuse U. had the pieces picked up.One was in Georgia,the other was in Ark. supposedly on exhibit. When the pieces reached Syracuse I received a call informing me that one of the pieces was damaged . So I was only able to show one piece.Syracuse shipped the pieces back to me at no cost.Mr. Dorsey came to my home where we discussed the issue of shipping and handling Art .Fast forward to Art Basel 2014 Mr.Dorsey purchases the pieces Spirits Afoot. He was unable to pickup the pieces himself.He asked me to wrap my pieces in a moving blanket and lay them down in a small storage unit.Yes I took it upon myself to keep my moving Blankets and use the pedestals that would have been stuffed into the small storage container along with the pictured works.It was my intention to save you from the same fate of our last folly.  If by asking you to reimburse me for the time and materials to protect your investment jeopardizes me doing any more business with you; so be it. 

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