Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Letter From a Freind


Congratulations on your installation at Gibson Plaza in Coconut Grove.  It truly is a landmark sculpture that makes the Gibson Plaza stand out.  I took a drive through the ‘Grove on New Year's Day.  The sculpture is wonderful with that hand hewn look of heavy metal that so reminds me of your hands.  It is definitely recognized as a Robert McKnight sculpture.  It has same feel of the sculptures in my collection.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether you are using wood, metal or tile.  There is a certain undeniable quality and feel that transcends, much like Picasso, Pollack, or Renoir.  Each of these artists developed a style that is recognized at once. Your work is recognized and one day, I hope that accolades will follow.

A very good friend of mine, directed me to the area when I was in town, knowing that would be impressed.  It was the jewel that began my 2016 New Year.  Congratulations on a job well done.  It is outstanding.

Lily Evans

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