Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Their have been many changes.....

ISLAND TOTEM has been removed from Gibson Plaza. It was replaced by a piece that was done in early 2015. I struggle with this but finally let go and worked with the commissioning group . The new piece is called " A Totem for our Hopes , Dreams , and Desires".
The piece is set on an elegant flowing black base moving up to traditional Colonial furniture legs that morph into an abstract skirt of wood shapes that allow the transition to the tile body sing. The song of randomly placed Tile and Glass  surround  two Blue plates that speak of the heavenly bodies Hope and  Dreams . At the top is an empty Candelabra that holds no candle to burnout. Endless possibilities are at hand. The light of Hope , Dreams and Desire are ours to tinder , foster, fan, grow, and pass on through generations upon generation.

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